Rage Comics


Probably Better if You Don't

bored Rage Comics television TV - 4815342080
Created by Staido

I Don't Want to Anymore

ipod tangled bored headphones derp omg - 6725062144
Created by Unknown

Every Few Minutes

bored meta rage - 8100589568
Created by Unknown

You Planned This, Internet!

free time internet bored funny - 7509077760
Created by Pheonixbreath

False Boredom

bored genius - 8426452480
Created by DissolveTheKitten

Me Gusta Bored

glue school me gusta bored - 8464099584
Created by Unknown

Didn't Work

bored computer guy meta - 8079371776
Created by Origami_Heart

I Could Eat a Horse, Man

bored hungry mom logic Rage Comics - 5178240512
Created by Unknown

Uh, I Totally Knew That...

school phone poker face bored - 8368960000
Created by Unknown

Life of a Bored Student

bored jump me gusta pen Rage Comics - 6162289664
Created by Unknown

I Do This When I'm Bored

me gusta blanket bored - 8099323904
Created by Derp1231234

Admit It, You've Done This

bathroom bored smartphone - 8192153600
Created by mojoplace

But I Really Am...

hungry parenting bored mom - 7472010496
Created by ValeCraft360

We Need a Bigger Popcorn Bucket

fu waiting movies Popcorn bored - 8462537472
Created by Unknown