Rage Comics


Pet Bird Rage!

birds pets poop - 8398990592
By Unknown

Birds Can Be Jerks

birds Okay - 8364091904
By tentoes2

Rejection By Nature

forever alone birds rejection - 7965276416
By RobensonCaetanoDaSilva

The Hawk Strikes Again!

poop birds - 8387969280
By Unknown

Cruel Irony

birds eating food hot dog - 8306387200
By elliemae2205

Can't Tell if Fearless or Bird-Brained

birds pigeon Rage Comics - 4892711424
By oscarwookie

All Birds Have Suicidal Tendencies

birds cars driving Rage Comics - 6348523008
By Xyhpered

The Birdies Never Fail

birds car wash bird poop funny - 7416202752
By Unknown


birds oh god why spring - 8141870336
By Unknown

I Hope You Become Breakfast

Like a Boss birds - 7412436480
By aenimafist

Now That's What I Call a Bird of Paradise

birds Rage Comics that sounds naughty troll dad - 5598023936
By Unknown

Pretend Like It Never Happened

birds outside poop Rage Comics rain - 6158440192
By Unknown

You See Them EVERY Day!

birds aww yea planes superman - 7983010560
By Squidkid915

His First Words!

birds pets sleeping - 7991175680
By Oscaror

Channel the Bird Inside

washing hands birds lol - 8060945408
By HlTfguy

Niether are Penguins

birds chicken dumb Rage Comics truancy story - 6328142080
By blahbluenx
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