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Get supercharged with these hilarious battery memes. From our watches to our cars and planes, batteries run practically everything. A salt and battery is nothing to sniff at, but pepper definitely is. So give yourself a shock to your system with battery laughs to keep hustling like the Energizer bunny.

Cardiophonary Resuscitation

battery charging phone Rage Comics - 4935239424
By sean5906

Wake Up Surprise

phones charger battery funny - 7536679424
By Master20021

To Save, or to Run for My Charger?

battery Challenge Accepted fu guy Rage Comics - 6040601088
By Unknown

Do Not Engage!

laptops laptop battery battery shyness introverts - 7294690560
By daslobro

Funny Until It Happens to You

battery cell phone - 7901980928
By 3rdDoc

Can I Have Five Minutes on the Clock, Please?

battery Challenge Accepted fap faptimes Rage Comics - 6083905280
By Unknown

I Must Know

battery power Rage Comics thumbs - 5135063552
Via imgur

Scumbag Laptop

battery laptop rage scumbag - 8078065664
By Whalter

Phone Rage!!!

battery power fu guy - 6727651072
By KotaroFuuma

Old Phone Rage

rage phone battery - 8381536768
By Gauge24988

It Only Recharges on Your Rage

battery cell phones - 7902428416
By Unknown

Low Phone Battery

rage charger cell phone battery - 6525695744
By Unknown

Warm Feet!

me gusta charger battery - 6882249472
By aliwalizada7869

There Go My Plans For Tonight

warning battery toothpaste Okay - 8138301952
Via Daily Picks and Flicks

Breathe, Baby! Just Breathe!

phone battery - 8257171200
By Unknown

Hah. "Done for the Night."

staying up late charging battery - 6940592896
By Unknown
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