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It's gonna be a long flight

Babies flight flying - 7230646272
Created by CrazyCalvinWilliams


Babies mothers kids parenting sleeping crying - 7172744448
Via ariaparia

Babies Suck Sometimes

Babies crying - 7908535040
Created by Unknown

I Just Wanted to Help...

Babies troll mom derpina bathtub pregnant mom funny - 7456710144
Created by Unknown

Because You're a Bad Parent

Babies kill Rage Comics - 4878776832
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Nobody Likes Doing the Math

Babies rage parenting table flipping - 8053794048
Created by BenjingtonRilliomeKrafterScotters3rdMarigno

Achievement Unlocked

Babies Music bohemian rhapsody twins achievement unlocked - 8012792320
Created by Unknown

Growing Up

Babies kids childhood teenagers growing up - 7133078528
Created by Jylibean

Ugh, It's Not That Impressive!

Babies kids parenting - 7086178816
Created by Unknown

So, About That 'Red Eye'

annoying Babies flying Rage Comics - 4815313408
Created by beetman

I Don't Think I Can Open That Wide

Babies mouth no no tubes Rage Comics - 5621728256
Created by NinjaFang77

Babies These Days

are you kidding me Babies diapers parenting Rage Comics - 6339067392
Created by Xyhpered

Babies Are Weird. Dogs Are Great.

Babies dogs reaction - 8251321856
Created by tentoes2

I Call It the "D'aww" Phenomenon

Babies parenting walrus - 6986363392
Created by DashieSpeed

Diaper Change Problems

Babies trollface diapers parenting - 7999188224
Created by Unknown

Imagine How Far It Would Fly!

Babies brain Rage Comics wtf brain - 6286952448
Created by Unknown