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Awkward Moment

Well ANSWER Then, Fool!

public bathroom Challenge Accepted Awkward Moment bathroom funny - 7485640192
By Unknown

Oh... You Weren't Waving at Me...

Awkward Awkward Moment facepalm poker face funny - 7536737280
By Jarlock

I Think I'm Going to Find a New Doctor

nothing to do here me gusta Awkward Moment poker face doctors - 6556137984
By Unknown

Beware of Reflective Surfaces

hair Awkward Moment - 6551911936
By DefineSocialLife

Now Everyone Knows I'm Listening to 'Barbie Girl'

aqua Music barbie girl Awkward Moment headphones - 6554711040
By Unknown

Do I Know You?

shopping strangers Awkward Moment eye contact - 7378048000
By Unknown

Cow Says What?

cow moo Awkward Moment poker face - 6552974592
By Unknown