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The Six Stages of Beer in Your Lifetime

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By MrExitOnly

Do the Responsible Thing

alcohol challenge completed Rage Comics - 5706795520
By Unknown

One Too Many Girly Drinks

alcohol driving Rage Comics women - 5206443776
By Unknown

Alcohol Induced Crush?

alcohol drunk crush dating - 6932891648
By percussionista

Y U NO Ask for ID?

alcohol id - 6582752000
By loveydarling

Not to Mention the Taxes...

alcohol all the things - 7368257792
By Unknown

Accidental Pirate

alcohol me gusta pirates - 6572614144
By v20910

No! I WANT to Be Carded Now!

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By Unknown

Good Thing I Have Booze...

alcohol booze Close Enough all the things relationships dating - 7608659456
By Unknown

I Don't Want to Be Hungover Tomorrow

alcohol all the things sir Rage Comics - 5676268800
By Unknown

Regret ALL the Decisions

alcohol all the things best of week drinking Rage Comics - 5898453248
By Unknown

Midnight Beer Run

beer alcohol nothing to do here poker face lol night - 7723516416
By Unknown

It's Like Magic

alcohol me gusta sleeping - 7868571392
By Unknown

I'm Gonna Get So Drunk on Chocolates

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By Unknown