Rage Comics


That "Lassie" Moment!

rage dogs accident - 8121377792
Created by Evil_Fred

Oops, It Was an Accident

accident Rage Comics truancy story - 6176379904
Created by Unknown

Troll Spelling

accident Rage Comics spelling trolldad - 6244664064
Created by Unknown

No Survivors

accident parenting picard facepalm Rage Comics - 6479471104
Created by jdunn187

We Could Have Had It All

accident crush dating mom Rage Comics raisin rage - 5530955264
Created by Unknown

Thank God For Apple

rage accident meta all the things apple - 8130073088
Created by tentoes2

Love Doctor

date KISS accident bump - 8552379904
Created by nightdumo

Gee, I Hope He Didn't Have Any Pets

accident animals Death Rage Comics - 5844373504
Created by Unknown

Not Your Brother, Though

accident fu Rage Comics - 5751941632
Created by Unknown

Prairie Doggin It

what have you done pooptimes accident driving - 6639743488
Created by llamatrain