Rage Comics


Y U Never Right Side Up?!

annoying FAIL matches Rage Comics - 5336428032
Created by Unknown

I Forgot to Carry Over the EVERYTHING

FAIL Rage Comics school shame - 4770567424
Created by Simonwalvis

I Will Find You

FAIL ninja online Rage Comics - 5154645760
Created by GravityFish

I Suck at Flirting

flirting FAIL poker face ice cream bad poker face - 7872013824
Created by Unknown

A Delicate Blend

cereal cooking dinner FAIL Rage Comics - 4839103232
Created by Unknown

I Don't Know Where That is, but You Could Get Off With Me

bus directions FAIL me gusta Rage Comics - 6514129664
Created by finmichiti

An Unbalanced Meal

annoying chopsticks FAIL Rage Comics - 5367327744
Created by Unknown

I'm Asexual

creepers FAIL gay Rage Comics straight - 4798310400
Created by Unknown

I Meant Right Arrow, Not Down

Awkward FAIL google chrome pr0n Rage Comics - 4941713152
Created by Unknown

You Promised HUNDREDS of Cheeses

FAIL food grilled cheese noms Rage Comics - 5273358848
Created by kittytourettes ( Via cheezburger.com )

Corruption Sucks

FAIL video games - 8071849216
Created by DominusFlareus

Use It As Hair Gel?

broken FAIL Rage Comics sink soap - 4896623616
Created by warsandmars

Remedial History Lesson Required

history FAIL - 6542243328
Created by Unknown

The Tastiest Dribbles

Beef FAIL gravy Rage Comics - 4815212288
Created by Unknown


rage Y U NO FAIL movies - 6533112320
Created by Unknown

Spelling Mistake

rage school FAIL spelling - 8496259840
Created by PeaceLoveBeatles
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