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You Win This Round, Canada

Canada owned Rage Comics trolling - 5231198208
Created by Unknown

These Kinds of Arguments Only Happen in Canada

Canada door polite argument - 8407763200
Created by ScurvyMemes

That's What I'm Talkin' Aboot!

Like a Boss Canada - 6611369984
Created by limes4cash

I'm Not Your Buddy, Guy!

Canada South Park im-watching-you grocery store - 6991448832
Created by Unknown

Reraged: Always a Different Story, Eh?

Canada rage reframed weather new york miami - 8114439936
Created by baconflavouredpeople

Hope For Twinkies!

Canada mother of god twinkies crying - 6827271168
Created by UrsoerTheSquid

Canada in a Nutshell

Canada expectations vs reality weather fall - 8372966912
Created by Unknown

Where the Hell Is Canada?

alaska Canada Hawaii map Rage Comics - 4798490880
Via sofapizza.me

If All Canadians are Polite, is This How They Rob Someone?

Canada polite Okay thief - 8408049152
Created by Unknown

Why Must You Ruin Everything, Justin?

Canada funny justin bieber - 7446456576
Created by furealz

Canada Tells It Like It Is

Canada poker face Target - 7757850880
Created by Unknown

You Don't Know Where We Are...

Canada snow seasons shoveling - 7955198464
Created by starlite99

And I Thought It Was My Little Lucky Day...

Canada money - 7013514240
Created by Unknown

It Isn't ALL Nice in Canada

Canada - 7579443712
Via SirLinkOfKokiri

Canadian Family Bonding

Canada hockey - 7138602496
Created by Unknown

Garage Love

beer Canada seasons - 7967489024
Created by knoflook
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