Sea You Soon!

beach conversation iphone ocean similar sounding text text message water - 5759699712
By rachel

H2Overwhelming Arrogance

double meaning glass idiom water - 6423256064
Via Pleated Jeans


literal literalism melon water watermelon - 4337967360
By HedShawt

Thyme to Water the Garden

pun water thyme - 7779488512
By Unknown

So That's His Secret

water - 7157202176
By DJNightmar3


aquatic conversation excited facebook life sea status update water - 4560135680
By Unknown

Bad Toilet Humor

the pepper pancake toilet water urine youre-in homophone cliché double meaning - 6679496448
By Static_Bunny (Via The Pepper Pancake)

Sound Logic

water puns funny - 7777712896
By MikeLSmillie

Photographic Evidence of Water on Mercury

freddie mercury water mercury literalism misleading double meaning - 6837069312
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aquatic off-rhyme pattern plaid platypus water - 4241601792
By Cowicorn


candy space water - 3448532480
By Unknown

Water Conducts Electricity

double meaning electricity glass literalism water - 4740465408
By Unknown

I Hate When This Happens!

water on literalism double meaning - 6687138816
Via Reddit
ocean prefix pun sea theme Video water - 36971009

Songs to Wear Pants to Goes Punder the Sea

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Just Look at the Kind of Things Omegle Precipitates

doctor who homophones river similar sounding variations on a theme water - 5715637248
By Musegrl13

Feel Free to Chew On This Pun For a While

question answer tooth water molar solution double meaning literalism - 6687901440
Via Punblr
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