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Probably a Truism

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I Don't Think This Right is Limited to Soviet Russia...

arms bear FAIL Hall of Fame lolwut order right second amendment Soviet Russia switch twist - 5199395328

Little Darling, Soon There Will Be No Such Thing as Winter

ending song the Beatles twist - 5947217152
Created by rtothe2

Plot Twist!

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gifs Johnny Depp list Pirates of the Caribbean prefix similar sounding twist - 4441024768

Good to Know

double meaning ending Hall of Fame idiom literalism problem solution twist - 5158804224

A Candid Discussion on Racism

double meaning everything went better than expected hating race racism twist - 6578583040
Via Reddit

The Tragedies of World War II

Death died ending twist - 6629394432
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double meaning forever alone literalism rage comic Rage Comics twist wife - 5364348928

The Titanic Hitting the Iceberg

iceberg lettuce titanic literalism double meaning false expectations twist - 6662842368
Created by SmogoTheDuck

Parents, Amirite?

ending genius Hall of Fame lolwut twist - 6018290176
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Apollo ThirT-Bone

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Created by SirNottaguy-Imadad

Thanks for the Clarification!

double meaning poodle three toy twist - 4776271616

Doin' It Almost Right...

beach contradiction double meaning literalism twist - 4662819840
Created by tonis