I'm Butter, Too

mattress toast jelly slang shorthand - 6641533952
Created by Megamean09

No, I Meant Let's Make a Toast!

gif glasses toast - 7135490048
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double meaning rage Rage Comics toast - 4726315008
Created by Unknown

He is Truly the Nom of War

god nom similar sounding suffix toast video game - 4609324544
Created by Ashley

Just Let Me Know When You're Going to Crumb

cliché double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame hot innuendo inside literalism toast want - 5158984960
Created by xyzpdq1


literalism toast - 4549169152
Created by Winnie-Wonka

Use the Force, Toaster!

answer dark dark side darth vader double meaning Hall of Fame literalism question star wars toast - 5025002240
Created by maxystone

French Toast

comparison delicious france french literalism toast pun - 4243823104
Created by Unknown

We Were Bread to Sin

bread toast variations on a theme shape cross bakery - 6696358656
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I Can't Believe It's Not Midi-chlorians!

dark side darth vader double meaning fighting Hall of Fame obi-wan kenobi star wars toast - 5233888000
Created by Unknown

Damn Bread Puns

puns bread toast - 7416203520
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bread dead german hitler literalism literally toast - 4154937600
Created by erulasse