Tearable Puns Are Terrible

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism tearable terrible - 6161465856
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Movie optimist optimus prime terrible transformers - 4109902592
By Mr47

SMP CLASSIC: Tearable Puns

tearable tear terrible puns homophone double meaning literalism classic - 6660218880
By Spencer Jarrett

The Least Clever Post in So Much Pun History

Bach lmfao rhyme rhymes rhyming terrible - 6243322112
By bowtiesrcool

Paper Puns

paper terrible tear - 7374968320
By BloodyThumbsDown

Oh So Terrible...

tearable terrible literalism homophone double meaning - 6756256256
By Jovanang


band cheesy literalism Music similar sounding terrible - 4774595072
By Unknown

Spoops Indeed.

floor fork Hall of Fame oops replacement similar sounding spoon suffix terrible - 5400858624
Via Left-Handed Toons

French Prince of Bel-Air

french similar sounding shoop mustache terrible amazing - 6666705152
By hongalabongala

I'd Like to Roll Some Stones at That Rat...

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone lolwut long lyric need punchline terrible - 5369861888
By Cally (Via Go Comics)

And 'Arr' Isn't a Common Tone in Most Scales

c double meaning high homophone pirates sea singing terrible - 4650296832
By shinykittyco


lolwut Movie names pet pets rock similar sounding terrible the ramones - 5303950848
By Unknown


adolf hitler bad hitler homophone homophones terrible - 4250716928
By sovietkitten


terrible shoop literalism bull prefix - 6997601536
By Unknown
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