An Indubitable Extinction

dinosaur Hall of Fame literalism tea t rex tyrannosaurus rex - 4895109888
Created by xyzpdq1


black catchphrase comparison mr t tea the a-team - 4116740608
Created by CAVOODLES

A Steep In the Right Direction Every Morning

manatee puns tea animals - 7892802048
Created by Jrsbbusa3000 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Picard is Sexier Than Christian, Anyway

fifty shades of grey picard Star Trek tea - 6596327424
Created by Ginctm


better homophone literalism mr t tea - 4696383744
Created by Unknown


bag double meaning Hall of Fame literalism tea - 6260631040
Via Phil Jones

Best Pin? Best Pin.

pin tea - 7119268608
Created by Unknown

In Pursuit of Tea Stars

puns tea funny dinosaurs t rex - 7482288896
Via Gallons of Ink etsy shop

An Affair Steeped in Controversy

similar sounding tea - 6851941376
Created by Unknown


conversation Hall of Fame latte literalism similar sounding tea teasing - 4942117376
Created by Unknown

Perhaps it Was Just Faul-Tea Design?

variations on a theme tea suffix - 7119194624
Via Reddit

A Truly En-lightened Beverage

Gravity homophone literalism prefix tea - 6492474880
Created by GalderGollum

One More Darjeeling

puns tea funny - 7582997760
Via stipplingthestars

I Bet That's Secretly Coffee

literalism tea mr t cup homophone - 6978141440
Created by xyzpdq1

Care For One?

letter literalism tea cup homophone double meaning t - 6891845120
Via Nabhan Abdullatif

Thanks for That, Mom.

trolling letter literalism tea cup homophone t - 6983759104
Via NikNaks Blog
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