Stars shine brightly, just like you! These luminous balls of gas are just scintillating and marvelous in the night sky, and even in picture. So if you want all the wholesome and funny puns and memes that can come from these astronomically-oriented bodies, look no further.

Fixed It!

letter literalism missing stairs stars - 6068479232
Created by xyzpdq1

Star Wars Episode VII (?????)

george lucas war star wars Movie literalism star stars - 7013879040
Via Joseph Asfoury


coffee deer Starbucks stars - 4023663360
Created by Jazz_handz

This Inspirational Quote Makes Me Feel Eel

Bad Joke Eel cliché FAIL Hall of Fame moon quote similar sounding stars - 5866667776
Created by C-fax ( Via Reddit )

This One Clearly Isn't Made by J.J. Abrams...

lightsaber star wars literalism stars - 7042502912
Created by Unknown

Or Maybe Just Danson On My Own

dancing homophone literalism show similar sounding stars television TV - 5305079552
Created by tcrutch