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This Trek is Sick!

catchphrase final frontier Hall of Fame literalism quote similar sounding space Spock Star Trek vinyl - 5156765184
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That's Some Serious Hail

Star Trek space - 7349356800

You Got His Attention

wtf astronaut space - 7104306432

Capsized Ship

ship homophone space double meaning literalism - 6667958528
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Do Not Swallow This Capsule

art space - 7349379328
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It Has Been Written About Endlessly

art concept double meaning inceptipun literalism space - 5638771968
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This Joke is Relatively Funny

double meaning einstein joke literalism space theory time - 6554887680
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Some People Just Can't Get Over 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'

over literalism double meaning space colloquialism - 6684087808
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Everything Went Better Than Expected!

false expectations napping homophones space everything went better than expected - 7042463488
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The Difference Between Manslaughter And...

crime guilty Hall of Fame judge space - 6260652800
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I Bet it's Gonna Be a Pretty Stellar Get-Together!

Hall of Fame homophone homophones it literalism Party plan planet space - 5968048384
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CTRL Yourself - Keyboard Joke

Space is The Final Frontier - Funny meme from a picture of a keyboard with THE FINAL FRONTIER written across the space bar.

Jokes Like That Won't Fly in Space

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SMP CLASSIC: It's Also Greasy With Thumbprints

classic double meaning final frontier Hall of Fame keyboard literalism space space bar - 6041846272
Created by Lucky810
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