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25 Smart Quotes That Will *NOT* Change Your Life

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Funny nerdy memes | observer observed every other possible quantum state quantum state @principiamemematica distracted boyfriend | DNA: TTTTTTTTTT RNA: AAAAAAAAAAA adventure time

26 Nerdy Memes For Anyone Who Wants To Learn A Thing Or Two

For the academically inclined!
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And Apparently Polydactyl

cat homophone sew sewing smart so - 6291933440
Created by SpikeDawg

He's Right About Almost Everything

degrees double meaning literalism smart - 6254790144
Created by f4-wulfhoud


clever donkey math puns smart - 3807779840
Created by Skuby
history memes | GREENLAND ICELAND Erik Viking: laughing Leo Dicaprio in a horned helmet | Publishing numerous studies on benefits genetic diversity Having ten children with cousin PUSH Charles Darwin Double Soda Pour

History Memes that are Packed with Knowledge

Feel the history.
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cookies double meaning figure of speech literalism one smart - 4864810752
Created by Unknown

No Bell Left Behind...

smart literalism dumb opposites - 7021041408
Created by Sofa-Knee ( Via Sofa-Knee )
Funny answers kids gave on tests that may not be right, but they are not so wrong - cover image of question about someone who at many candy bars, with the kid saying he now has diabetes from eating all those, without providing the real answer.

15 Creative Test Answers That Prove Kids Are Much Smarter Than We Think

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Which Would You ASSign to Yourself?

ass donkey double meaning dumb Hall of Fame insults KISS lazy literalism smart suffix - 5820992000
Created by chains