A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

clothing double meaning Hall of Fame literalism sheep wolf - 6035510016
Via Liz Climo

Standing Sheep Never Lie

puns sheep lie - 7777500416
Created by Unknown


derp homophone lolwut meme sheep - 5230233600
Created by Unknown


baby dont Haddaway Hall of Fame herd literalism me sheep similar sounding song - 5335820800
Created by Unknown

She Can Cruise at Around One-Hundred and Tewe!

Hall of Fame homophone lamb literalism prefix running sheep - 6171755008
Created by SpikeDawg

ICWUDT, Math Textbook

sheep shear double meaning literalism math - 6678072576
Via Punblr

Yeah, but I'm Sure You Herd Me...

ewe pun sheep funny - 7868818432
See all captions Created by mariska0130

Stop Being Sheepish And Have Some Confidence in Yourself!

double meaning ewe lamb literalism sheep similar sounding you - 5767794432
Created by Doc Nabbit

Heisenberg is a Shear Genius

breaking bad homophone juxtaposition lamb onomatopoeia replacement sheep show similar sounding sound television - 6576461312
Via Liz Climo

That's Just Baaahd Practice if You Ask Me

lolwut non sequitur sheep strange - 5955132416
Created by _AfterDarkness_

And Doubtlessly Was Left With Some Penned Up Frustration

cliché lamb sheep - 5776864512
Created by dominicsoh ( Via Pocket Puns )

They're on the Lamb

puns sheep funny queensland police - 7654831104
Via Queensland Police Facebook Page