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Twitter thread on weirdness of The Cheesecake Factory | max sledroom @MaxKrie If want fully immersive "postmodern design hellscape" themed dining experience highly recommend dinner at Cheesecake Factory design perspective place is fuckin wild and talk little bit about why | max sledroom @Max 12h v interior is world aesthetic chaos feels like mix between Fry's Electronics, an overgrown Panera, and laser tag arena s sensational Palm trees sit aside 2000's-chic glass lighting fixtures, French limes

Twitter Thread: Cheesecake Factory is A World of Contradictions

It's like eating in a fancy hotel that's also a bowling alley.
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Welcome to Applebees

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Customer reports an issue on a restaurant's site, and then the site proceeds to fall apart | r/tifu u/rembeck2 14h Join 35 2 24 O 28 3 25 25 1 1 TIFU by trying help small restaurant's Thanksgiving Dinner takeout website, but wound up making things way worse L My girlfriend and both tested positive COVID, so going either our parents' homes Thanksgiving dinner is out question. Neither us did any grocery shopping, so were trying last-minute find restaurant area offers Thanksgiving delivery dinners

Customer Reports Ordering Issue On Restaurant's Site, Site Comes Undone

Their heart was in the right place.
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Advertising at its Finest

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It's So Good, You'll Have to Eat it to Belie-viet!

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No Rulessss, Jusssst Right

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That's Au Jus the Way I Like it!

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troll goes after chicken menu and does not disappoint

Confusing Chicken Wings Menu Gets Hilariously Trolled

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'I Lobster But Never Flounder.'

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