Who can make a rainbow? You can. Take a glimpse at these scintillating memes and jokes that truly come in all colors, so seek out that pot of gold humor with these fantastic mutli-colored rainbow memes.

But I Thought He Was Supposed to Be a Starman?

david bowie literalism portmanteau rainbow shoop surname - 6559821824

His Favorite Pokémon? My Little Ponyta

ash attack Hall of Fame homophone homophones literalism my little pony Pokémon rainbow rainbow dash - 5298363392
Created by PuppySnuggle

The Best Dar

slang symbolism rainbow - 6978110976
Created by xyzpdq1

Rainbow Dashes

pun MLP rainbow rainbow dash - 7732280832

As Opposed to Menning Rain?

comma men observation rainbow raining - 6160474624
Created by SlightlySardonic

The Homosexual Agenda

literalism gay symbol rainbow - 7061394688
Via Reddit