God Shag the Queen

comic double meaning literalism queen song title - 4687686656
By nwhity

I'm Like Royalty on the Dance Floor!

ace card cards club double meaning literalism queen suit ten - 5390522624
By Seraphinae (Via My Cardboard Life)

Queen Takes Bishop

action character chess double meaning Hall of Fame literalism move name queen - 5701285632
Via My Confined Space

Freddie Mercury

double meaning freddie mercury literalism mercury queen surname - 6380964864
Via Wirdou


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By Unknown

Queen of Draw Something!

queen freddie mercury draw something mercury literalism - 6713024768
By Unknown

David Goes to the Existential Crisis

question queen lyrics song bohemian rhapsody quote - 6836200704
By Unknown

Do You See a Little Silhouette-O of a Mascara Raven?

bohemian rhapsody Edgar Allan Poe literalism lyrics poor queen similar sounding song - 6068478976
By xyzpdq1

The Lion Queen

lion queen iconic clothing freddie mercury king - 6688995584
By Unknown

Aggro Queens ARE NOT My Style, But Whatever...

queen chess double meaning - 7138834432
Via Mark Parisi


card dancing literalism lyric point queen - 4569156096
By Esha6485

The Lion Queen!

queen freddie mercury lyrics song bohemian rhapsody opposites - 6718093056
By Unknown

Now That's the Best Kind of Poisoning

queen - 7366779648
By Unknown

Scary Moosh! Scary Moosh!

queen edgar allen poe bohemian rhapsody - 7240972288
By Unknown


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By Unknown

I (Tell-Tale) Heart This Song!

bohemian rhapsody Edgar Allan Poe Hall of Fame literalism lyrics poe poor queen similar sounding slang - 6451220736
Via Reddit
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