He's Happy You Came to His Wake!

bruce willis die hard double meaning Hall of Fame literalism Movie poster - 6466113024
By LordOfTheBinks

He Finches at No Question

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By LOLdogexpert

A Slogan I Can Get Behind!

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By xyzpdq1

We'll Always Have Bonus Stage

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Via Ade Magnaye

Finally, a Poster I Can Get Behind!

Hall of Fame homophone keep calm and carry on literalism meme poster - 5167064064
By maxystone


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By Unknown


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By Unknown


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By Unknown


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By Burnstone101

You're Never Gonna Get That Theme Song Out of Your Head

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By Unknown

A Far More Trying Test Than Archery

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By micahthesewell

Let's All Watch As the Pun Train Mulders

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By florataur

Best Keep Calm, or Best Keep Calm?

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Via Reddit

It's the Can't-See Movie of the Year!

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By cyborgcowboy69

Unfortunately Yes...

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By Unknown


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By Unknown
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