Math is Fun

addition equation Hall of Fame labrador math mathematics poodle portmanteau - 4810853888
Created by Unknown

Make Him Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!

extension literalism m&m m&ms portmanteau s&m - 6433787648
Created by Gemma Correll ( Via Gemma Correll )

So THAT'S What That Word Means...

gator portmanteau literalism double meaning - 6891839488
Created by Unknown

Talk about a SMILF

creepy lolwut portmanteau - 5013771776
Created by buzmurdock


giraffes juxtaposition literalism neologism portmanteau - 4973925888
Created by the_sixth_degree

Walker Texas Power Rangers

chuck norris power rangers juxtaposition shoop portmanteau - 6645797632
Created by Acevedismos ( Via Frikimalismo )


portmanteau similar sounding pear mood - 7135496192
Via Angry Pear

I'd Say They Have a Foot Fetish, But That's Just Me

feet foot portmanteau - 6556055040
Created by Unknown


double meaning literalism neologism pig portmanteau - 5339951872
Created by Unknown

Philosoraptor Should Really Go Into Marketing

portmanteau ads philosoraptor dress double meaning - 7050049792
Created by YJCH0I

But I Thought He Was Supposed to Be a Starman?

david bowie literalism portmanteau rainbow shoop surname - 6559821824
Created by Unknown


Blood Hall of Fame inappropriate innuendo literalism lolwut portmanteau - 5107349760
Created by Unknown

Oooh, is This the 2013 Model!?

accident car ice portmanteau similar sounding water - 7079951104
Via Reddit


juxtaposition meme Mortal Kombat Portal portmanteau rage comic Rage Comics scorpion trollface - 4672001024
Created by Unknown

Oaths Always Tend to Box You In...

combination double meaning literalism lolwut portmanteau - 5136514560
Created by Unknown

Like a Villain

awesome Hall of Fame portmanteau suffix - 5012943104
Created by xyzpdq1
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