It's a Trapp!

actor family homophone play playing role similar sounding the sound of music trap von trapp - 4783492096
Created by Unknown

He's a Very Obedient Boy

double meaning go Hall of Fame literalism misinterpretation outside play - 5251867648
Created by StormPooperSmith ( Via editorialcartoonists.com )

Was it All Yellow Too?

button cold draw something literalism play visualization - 6456854528
Created by Weirdgomita


dead Hall of Fame literalism parody plant play similar sounding suffix - 4611821056
Created by Unknown


fruit halo peach pear play solo video game - 3986573568
Created by Unknown

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Bread

bread Hall of Fame literalism play similar sounding - 5737459456
Via She Has No Ears

No Chicken Sh*t Sherlock

chicken double meaning foul fowl homophone literalism play shoop - 6383170304
Created by Unknown

Mylo XyDrawSomething

cold double meaning draw something feeling Hall of Fame icon literalism play - 6278685184
Created by petites_mains