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That Bear-Thing is the Funniest Lookin' Slowpoke I've Ever Seen

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This Was Inevitable

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Seems Like They're Really Getting to the Crust of the Matter

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That's a Very Exact Amount, IMO

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Petty revenge is taken on a coworker who complains about free pizza | r/pettyrevenge u/anon98199 225d Join Coworker complains about free pizza So told this belongs here as well. Please enjoy So one my coworkers is huge choosing beggar. Like aggressively choosy point he will bully people who are buying him free things get exactly he wants. This normally doesn't affect as have learned just tell him fuck off course he always complains and pretends like just attacked him out nowhere but 's not

Coworker Complains About Free Pizza, Petty Feast Ensues

Free pizza somehow isn't good enough for some people.
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Such Was His Delivery From Evil

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Very funny memes from instagram about pizza, dogs, religion, money, dating, animals, tigers, relationships, competition, games, the weekend, school, university, poop.

21 Funniest Memes of the Day

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Is it Leprous?

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