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That's a Lot of Buildup for Such a Little Pun...

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Thy Will Be Gandalf

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By Kraken42

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Neighbors

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By tonis

Talk About Censor-y Deprivation

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By CocoLAsticot

Thanks for Chipping Away My Self-Confidence...

your lolwut similar sounding not - 7085697280
Via A-Cious


chrome cookies double meaning literalism meme not Okay rage comic Rage Comics - 5175195392
By Unknown


bad good literalism not sign - 4383517952
By Unknown

That Skit Was Her Hair Pièce de Résistance

after before literalism not similar sounding spelling surname - 6080265472
By spawnsolo

Pooh Puns

cannot Hall of Fame homophone homophones knot not pooh rabbit winnie the pooh - 5907037696
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By TheAlmonster


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By Unknown

The Soul Gives Us the Will to Achoose

soul not liaison - 6730375680
By Unknown

Man, The Spotlight Does Not Do Him Any Favors

eminem literalism not opposite - 6415177984
By Kevin Friedemann

He Must Be in Prison Often Since His Voice Ain't Ever Free

after before double meaning free Hall of Fame jail literalism Morgan Freeman not prison surname - 6020706048
By rhfjhguibhfr

You Can Say That Again

date double meaning Hall of Fame not - 4701619200
By BMFPoochie


blowing fan literalism not sorry - 4433195776
By giventorock10
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