Prosecute This!

double meaning Hall of Fame literalism no post vandalism - 5415584768
By Unknown

Both Look a Little Yoko Onclear to Me

expression face Hall of Fame homophone literalism no o suffix surname yes - 6179026432
By Unknown

Zippo's Not Down for a Double Header

double meaning FAIL idiom literalism lolwut match no - 5325786368
By Whiteoverblue


Command Hall of Fame inceptipun literalism misinterpretation no post sign - 5248176384
By Unknown

SMP CLASSIC: Futility, Thy Name is Aged Keyboard

classic computer escape key keyboard literalism missing no - 6261363968
By xyzpdq1

Tard Approves

element abbreviation periodic table Chemistry no - 6963905792
By Unknown

That's a Pretty Fascinating Number!

german Hall of Fame nein nine no similar sounding - 6221613056
By Evoker

Anybody Got Any Matches?

question answer matches no - 6793433344
By lazboy1000

But He Was Born This Way! Lady Gaga Wrote a Song About Him!

arms double meaning fire literalism no notice sign - 5358937344
By KittehBoy1963 (Via My Door Sign)

He Finally Did it!

cliché hands literalism look misinterpretation mom no - 5240140032
By Dave (Via scimoccomics.tumblr.com)

And the Seven Fs?

literalism no Rage Comics shoop similar sounding snow white - 5851392000
By itroitnyah


correction eel no phrase - 4371877376
By callipsofacto

He Ain't No CoinStar!

change condition double meaning Hall of Fame literalism lol no rage comic status - 5068684800
By Unknown

A Horse With No Name

title song literalism america no double meaning name horse - 6741680896
By bmelzow


Bad Joke Eel body Hall of Fame homophones no - 6329143040
By NeilRashbrook

Some People Just Get No Respect

hawk misinterpretation no double meaning - 7082596096
Via Sarchasm Comic
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