More Like Broken News, Amirite?

double meaning literalism news - 6557744128
By sohalia

ICWUDT, New York Times

news headline double meaning shot - 6978280704
By Unknown

It Must Be Cold in There

news chili - 7295014656
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Ruh Roh, That Wasn't a Scooby Snack?

scooby doo news FAIL fire puns - 8008988416
By Unknown
news star wars job weather puns Video win - 76814081

This British Weather Reporter Packs 12 Star Wars Puns in 40 Seconds

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Touché, Myriad News Outlets

headlines Movie news newspaper obvious hunger games - 6069777152
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michael jackson news ridiculous tribute Video - 17811201


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double meaning headline headlines illustration literalism news newspaper pun puns - 5223258112
By Unknown

Touché, Newspaper I Can't Parse Through the Blur

double meaning headline news newspaper touché - 6578362880
By pedretta

Now That's a Headline

news - 7317895680
By Unknown


double meaning headline homophones innuendo news rage comic Rage Comics surname - 4846361088
By Unknown

I'm Back, and This Time...

news puns funny - 7548429056
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Well, That's One Kind of <em>Head</em>line

first headline human news newspaper wtf - 4650953728
By Unknown

How Long Have You Waiting to Use This Pun?

news pun winnie the pooh - 8795101440
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Touché(?), Boston Globe

contradiction dark headline lights news newspaper touché - 4960173056
By Samantha

I Gnu Before You Even Said it

bad homophone literalism news - 5194238464
By fightinphillips
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