Because Less is Moore...right?

after more surname less homophone opposite before - 6967657472
Created by Jeffrey

AKA Before and After

double meaning less literalism more suffix - 6153929472
Created by netsnets ( Via Happy Smart Book )

Moor, Moor, More!

homophones literalism more - 6550190336
Created by The_L

A Monument to Our Country's Tooth Decay

brush juxtaposition literalism more shoop similar sounding - 5560940544
Created by CrankyJesus

But Why Would One Ever Want to?

doors homophones Lord of the Rings misinterpretation mordor more quote similar sounding - 5096613888
Created by 707gatos


actor contrast glasses homophones less more opposites outfit seeing transformation - 4310947840
Created by Thijs Holland

Not-So-Great Sword

less literalism more suffix - 6128571648
Created by Musashi1596

You Might Try Being More Specific Next Time

double meaning equation I literalism math mathematics more need something - 5285695488
Via ncvisualbash.somee.com