I Think They Just Like Getting Plowed

car expletive Ladies Love lolwut love meme rhyming - 5299234816
Created by wintercool612

Monty Python and the Fus Ro Dah

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone knight meme monty python monty python and the holy grail quote Skyrim TO - 5737392384
Via m3jcnv

Get in the Car Loser, We're Going Shooping

comic Hall of Fame literalism meme quote rage Rage Comics shoop similar sounding - 4646474240
Created by Mio


face forever forever alone Hall of Fame literalism meme rhyme rhyming shape - 4590303232
Created by Unknown

Kanye's Test

finnish Hall of Fame homophone kanye west language meme taylor swift - 6285645568
Created by IUgrad505

Hermajeste Granger

Hall of Fame Harry Potter keep calm and carry on meme rhyming - 5390459392
Created by Phoenix421


comic marvel meme Rebecca Black similar sounding Thor - 4586009344
Created by Unknown
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