boss button facebook like Like a Boss meme saying - 4412867840
By lolzKAts.com

Slow moving pun

puns meme - 9052237568
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad


brand carry on dont drill literalism meme - 4443449088
By pratrp

Lennon Party

cannot unsee john lennon let it be literalism lolwut meme parody the Beatles - 5418353664
By Lythianc

Oh Paula...

butter comic double meaning meme paula deen punchline rage comic Rage Comics - 4827861248
By Unknown

Methinks Chemistry Cat is Just Splitting Hairs Here

arguing chemistry cat Hall of Fame meme oneupsmanship retort - 5409882624
By LOLdogexpert

Um... Well, Alright Then.

lame meme - 6471889664
By Shaewaoudt

So Yeah, About That Whole 'Invincibility' Thing...

homer meme rage comic rage face - 5080479488
By Unknown

Fifty Shades Of...

fifty shades of grey Hall of Fame insult meme similar sounding - 6462209024
Via Reddit


ä forever forever alone juxtaposition lindsay lohan literalism meme similar sounding - 4946052864
By Unknown

Three Woolf Moon

double meaning literalism meme surname wolf - 5883522304
Via Punblr


back car family guy FRIDAY Hall of Fame literalism lyrics meme Rebecca Black seat - 4872150272
By Unknown

A Mashup Made in Heaven

double meaning Han Solo homophone literalism meme Memes paula deen star wars - 5172714240
By pedretta


comic crackalackin cracker Deal With It lacking literalism meme slang wtf - 4682995200
By Unknown

Best Branding Ever?

added letter brand comparison contrast Hall of Fame letter lolwut meme similar sounding t - 4970764288
By xyzpdq1

I Think They Just Like Getting Plowed

car expletive Ladies Love lolwut love meme rhyming - 5299234816
By wintercool612
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