Stuck like a magnet. These attractive puns and jokes will have you drawn towards them inexorably. You can't control it, just embrace the power of magnetism. 

This One's Safe For Work!

magnet cat double meaning literalism - 6695852544
By xyzpdq1

This Submission Bites

comic lolwut magnet similar sounding - 6467805440
By Static_Bunny (Via The Pepper Pancake)


attraction bipolar magnet Magneto relationships x men - 4135832064
By el_wuffel

All the Better to Display Your Child's C-Grade Paper With

double meaning fridge literalism magnet refrigerator - 4832057344
By Striks

They're Used, So They'll Only Cost You a Nickel!

magnet literalism magazine - 7042503936
By Unknown