Iron Maiden

iron iron maiden literalism logo shoop - 6494502656
Created by JMJMad1

Pupper Soul

dogs g Hall of Fame letter literalism logo replacement similar sounding t the Beatles - 6212349952
Created by Unknown

Move Over, Bill Nye

literalism logo prefix science similar sounding - 6335489024
Via Reddit

It's Quite a Delicious Read!

Game of Thrones Hall of Fame literalism logo similar sounding - 6093382400
Created by SockPuppetApoc

It'll Have You Doing Barrel Rolls!

coffee Hall of Fame literalism logo similar sounding Starbucks video game - 4727476736
Created by CoffeeshopFrank ( Via dragon-alien.deviantart.com )

That's a Rare Opportunity, Truly

button double meaning facebook Hall of Fame like literalism logo message post - 5680440064
Via The Daily What

It Tastes a Little... Metallic?

pi pun - Ipod - TC iPad SO MUCH PUN.COM
Created by maxystone


catchphrase logo parody photoshop Subway zombie - 4157625344
Created by jnlo18


classic logo lolwut mac OS similar sounding taco tacos - 5274695680
Created by Unknown

The Coffee Drink That Goes Down Ezio

logo lolwut shoop - 5462942720
Created by aemilius


dessert flan Hall of Fame literalism logo lyric similar sounding song Wu-Tang Clan - 5569311488
Created by Unknown

Wow, What Hypocrites!

double meaning Hall of Fame homophone literalism logo reinterpretation sex - 6284148224
Created by xyzpdq1

You Can Have it Solo, or With a Wookie!

boba fett homophone literalism logo star wars surname - 4729893120
Created by xwingmario

He's the Solidest of Snakes

homophone logo surname - 6357744384
Created by fishheatcats


bowl container football homophones literalism logo lyrics man parody song Super superman - 4318089728
Created by Unknown

For Alm Your Fixer Upper Needs

buddhism home logo monk ohm om similar sounding - 5618698496
Created by oreoz314
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