A lion knows never to play poker with a leopard, they're all cheetahs. These catty kings of the Savanna are punny as anything and just chomping at the bit to flow across your screen. So before you flip on Animal Planet, check out some of the best hilarious lion jokes and memes around.

Such a Binary Creature

binary lion literalism off on suffix - 6334839552
By xyzpdq1


bro homophone lion man meow - 4228364544
By Dilliac

How Delightful!

spring puns lion - 8818807040
Via SnowBoundMinnesotan

Don't Tread on Him

puns tires lion - 7863440128
By Unknown

And You Thought the Animal Puns Were at Their End

conversation elephant giraffes homophones koala lion literalism similar sounding - 6262784768
By LimeKitten

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

puns lion funny - 7688136448
See all captions By djcat595

Oh, How I Lamb-ent Mistruths

ewe homophone homophones lion literalism lying truth you - 4690902016
By escapethekate

Now I Wanna Hear the Snoop Version of That Theme Song

cartoons cat dogs lion literalism nickelodeon opposites snoop dogg - 6537442304
By ToolBee


classic gifs lion lions mufasa new simba similar sounding the lion king update - 4494649856
By 93dt

That's Not Fair, He's a Lion!

lion dogs funny snoop dogg - 7422543872
By Unknown

The Lion Queen

lion queen iconic clothing freddie mercury king - 6688995584
By Unknown

They Ain't Lion About Their Sexuality Anymore

double meaning gay Hall of Fame iconography lion lions pride - 4631714048
By Unknown

Dandy Lions

double meaning Hall of Fame homophones lion lions literalism - 6355629312
By Lucky810 (Via I Waste So Much Time)


double meaning lion literalism Predator - 4823069440
By Unknown

I Think They're Still Upset About the Burnt Rubber...

dinner double meaning flat jack lion lions name question tire tool - 5521708032
By Craptabulous

Well, This Escalated Quickly...

alpaca animals bear elephant giraffes hawk horse koala lion Owl variations on a theme - 6357149440
Via Punblr
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