A knight and shining armor is just a click away. Or a guy with a huge Quixotic complex who might go fight windmills. Whatever the case, knights are a classic and unforgettable part of history. So stay in for the knight and fill up on hilarious knight jokes and puns.


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The Round Table

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Dark Ages Frugality

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The Extra E and I Make All the Difference...

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Monty Python and the Fus Ro Dah

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It Was a Big Advantage in the Dark Ages

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I Could Have Written a Concise, Punny Post Title Here, But Then That Would Contradict the Tidbit I Shared With You Two Hours Ago So That's Simply Out of the Question

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Scooby Puns

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Scooby Puns

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The Dark Knight Rises

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Shepards Watched Their Phlox by Knight

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