Not According to His Eyebrows!

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People describe the most ruthless rejections that they've ever endured. | Geotis 10y asked girl out. She said "yes" and gave her number alled reject hotline. Took while shake one off.

Most Ruthless Rejections People Have Endured

People can be real heartless.
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Fifty Shades Of...

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A collection of the funniest and most creative insults that kids have come up with. | recently working with kid and another teacher, and kid turned other teacher and said about she probably listens all by myself at night

Funniest Ways That Kids Have Insulted Adults

They deserve bonus points for the creativity.
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I Was Wondering What Stinks...

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I Swear That Woman is the Devil in Disguise...

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Nuttier Than a...

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By Tox_Mace

This is Bound to End Badly

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The Truth Hurts?

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So I'm Cuttlefish and Horseradish?

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A collection of clever comebacks from spicy silvertongues | Mikey why are so sad? There's so much goodness world don't know Ava why do have asthma there's so much air world

Radical Retorts From Clever Wordsmiths

Always ready for a good old clever comeback.
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It's Not the Kind You're Thinking of, Though

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