I've Got a Hot Date Tonight

date double meaning hot instructions literalism - 5597008896
Via F*** Yeah Albuquerque

Sorry, I'm More Partial to (a)Cute Angles

angle degrees double meaning hot temperature - 6530749440
Created by cyborgcowboy69

How to Get a Hot Date

date double meaning hot How To instructions literalism misleading - 6547245312
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bacon bacon strips food hot literalism pole strips - 4327440128


cat hot lolcats - 6462622720
Created by chech1965

He Makes My Heart Flutter

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Created by sytothe

In the Hot Seat

chair double meaning hot literalism seat wood - 5292265216
Created by Snake73

No, Seriously, the Ground IS Lava!

scotch hot similar sounding prefix - 7075257856

Just Let Me Know When You're Going to Crumb

cliché double entendre double meaning Hall of Fame hot innuendo inside literalism toast want - 5158984960
Created by xyzpdq1

This Joke Has Been Incubating for a While I Bet...

hot literalism double meaning - 6703381760
Created by tonis

Man, Pepper is Just SO COLD

cool double meaning explanation groan-inducing hot opposites sun sunglasses - 6545192704
Created by Static_Bunny ( Via The Pepper Pancake )

Heaters Gonna Heat

haters haters gonna hate hot lyrics - 4243819264