There's a hole lot of holes to look at, especially if you like donuts. If your a truly holey person, these hilarious hole puns and jokes will have you ditching your favorite stand-up and trying something new. So feast your eyes on what's there, or maybe what isn't, it's part of a hole.

Donut Therapy

therapy donut hole literalism double meaning - 6727417344
Created by LaCucarachaBob

It's a Hole in One!

character double meaning golf hole literalism number one - 4909634816

The Horcrux of the Joke

cold Hall of Fame Harry Potter hole literalism obvious old prefix voldemort - 4747194624

Hole-y Sheet!

double meaning expletive hole holy literalism similar sounding - 5432681984
Created by Fatalyze


fractions half hole homophone - 4230328064

That's... That's an Analogy, I Suppose

butt comparison family Hall of Fame hole lolwut - 6184552448
Via @leeannraye

You Know You're Addicted to Golf When Cars Sound Like They Want You to Play a Round.

drive golf lolwut driving hole parking - 6959805952
Created by Wolf_Lord

He's Such an Ass Hole

ass donkey double meaning hole literalism shrek - 6170530048
Created by Regrubezeehc

Wormholes, Visualized

double meaning Hall of Fame hole literalism - 6399966464
Via Left-Handed Toons

Whole Milk

double meaning hole homophone literalism - 6130318592
Via Reddit