High as a kite... In the air whatchu talking about Willis? Whether you're at great altitude, in body or mind, you'll find plenty of high reaching memes and puns to keep you busy up there in the clouds.

It's a Bit Late Coming in, Don't You Think?

double meaning high literalism low prefix similar sounding tide - 5649815296

I Don't Know What Else You'd Call it

double meaning fap high literalism philosoraptor plane - 5596992256
By Unknown

I Thought Those Things Were Supposed to REDUCE Air Pollution

high literalism bread double meaning - 6687727872
By _C_A_T_

These Bovines Are in the Weeds

steak high puns - 7781129728
By Unknown

High on Life

life high idiom literalism double meaning - 6729813760
Via Punblr

Does What it Says in the LoL

five hi high high five literalism recursion - 5092027392
By xyzpdq1

They're Both Clearly Over the Moon

brand detergent double meaning high laundry detergent literalism shoop tide tides - 6538190080
Via Punblr

Pretty Soon That Horse Won't Even Remember His Name

double meaning high horse literalism - 6188461824
Via Endless Origami

And They Keep on Rising

alcohol double meaning high ladder literalism vodka - 4763120640
By nya9000nya

And 'Arr' Isn't a Common Tone in Most Scales

c double meaning high homophone pirates sea singing terrible - 4650296832
By shinykittyco

F*@%ing Stoners.

double meaning Hall of Fame high literalism weed - 5684569344
Via Domics

SMP CLASSIC: This Could POT-entially End Very Poorly

high double meaning - 7059264000
By CatFeeded

Drugs. Not Even Once.

double meaning drugs high literalism prefix - 6635769600
Via Reddit

It's Really Messing Up Our MuLAN Party

disney double meaning high literalism mulan name suffix too - 4666052352
By Unknown


definition double meaning hi high homophone literalism - 4907789312
By ArmadilloJr