Just ham-ming it up. Some of these cured and aged memes and puns are just as funny and relevant as ever. Ham is just so versatile both as a lunch-meat, a Christmas roast, or even describing going completely nuts. Just remember, no joke will be better than West Ham. That takes the cake.

Jon Hamm

ham surname literalism homophone - 6795729408
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You Might Say That Indeed

alcohol delicious drunk fat ham mac prefix slang - 5259506944
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His Work With the Left Hand is a Bit Sloppy Though...

Hall of Fame ham literalism prefix similar sounding - 5769225472
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Ham Solo

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Quickly! To the Millennium Bacon!

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I Can't Hear You... The Signal Keeps Bacon Up!

double meaning ham literalism radio - 6594098944
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Now if Only We Could Keep Pork Spending Out of the Health Care System...

cooking cure disease double meaning Hall of Fame ham literalism pig - 6109555712
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My Favorite Neil Diamond Song

Hall of Fame ham hand hands literalism lyrics mii misinterpretation similar sounding song wii - 6112050688
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