This Food Tastes a Little Bunny

hair hare homophone - 6584239360
Created by evilelmo ( Via Reddit )

This is One DJ That's Not Afraid to Go to The Roots

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air blowing bunny cute dryer hair hare - 4059381248

I Wanna Hold Your... Talon?

double meaning hair Hall of Fame literalism owls suffix the Beatles - 5640908288
Created by JMJMad1


dalek double meaning doctor who ginger gingerbread gingerbread man hair literalism problems root - 4561323520
Created by WingedPegasus

A Very Evil Hare

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Created by xyzpdq1

Wait for the Drop... It'll Be Here Before He Gets Resurrected for the Umpteenth Time

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family hair homophone parody single song Songs will smith - 4278642688
Created by WooShell

You Wish You Were As Trve Kvlt As This Bunny

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Created by OneSkunkTodd

Looks Like This Soldier Finally Reached His Limit Break

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Who Says She's An Angel?

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Created by xyzpdq1
Funny memes about the 1980s | this old Raise hands if remember this Oregon Trail Teu n 1. Travel trall 2. Leara about trall Green Te Ten 4. Tern eund oft la er cheicer Galliker Potomac Fan Chocolate Milk tor jen private whate | used unfriend people old days! scribbling in a yearbook

'80s Tidbits For Those Who Want A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane

Don't have a cow.
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cat hair juxtaposition literalism style - 4419635968
Created by Chris10a


dye hair puns - 3975223296

It's All Thanks To Your Choice of Haircare Product

double meaning hair literalism mohawk product punk - 4657356288
Created by jackflannery
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