Polish those glasses and take a close look. These four-eyed memes and puns are loaded with laughs and and groans just waiting to be had. It will be quite the spectacle so make sure you don't blink, you'll miss it.

No, I Meant Let's Make a Toast!

gif glasses toast - 7135490048
Via Afternoon Snooze Button

And They Don't Even Cell My Prescription Here!

cell phone contacts double meaning explanation glasses Hall of Fame literalism lost phone phones - 5133376000
Created by xyzpdq1

SMP CLASSIC: Well At Least Your Bifocals Are the Right Prescription

cell phone contacts double meaning glasses literalism phone reason - 5981888256
Created by xyzpdq1 ( Via Joseph Birdsong )


glasses literalism pun similar sounding - 4953317120

Why Must You Get My Hopes Up?

double meaning glasses literalism Twist Ending - 6372102144
Via Gods of the Moon

Imagine Singing Citrus; It's Easy if You Try

glasses john lennon lemon literalism similar sounding - 4770149632
Created by JMJMad1


actor contrast glasses homophones less more opposites outfit seeing transformation - 4310947840
Created by Unknown

ICWUDT, 'Wreck-It Ralph'

disney glasses literalism pixar double meaning - 6795732992
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