The Only Thing Slippy's Good For?

barrel roll Command gifs literalism peppy Star Fox - 4988356096
By Unknown

We're All in Suspense For the Twist

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By Unknown

How Sole Mates Kiss with Tongue

shoes gifs puns - 7836707328
Via theoldreader.com

That's a Word for It...

gifs treble similar sounding trouble - 6940828928
Via FY Modern Family

It's the Thought That Counts, Right?

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By Unknown

Demolishing the Dance Floor

cyanide-happiness dancing double meaning down gifs Hall of Fame literalism - 5160344832
By Galaick (Via Cyanide and Happiness)

Flyin' Around Like the Hubble

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By LOLdogexpert

House Party

gifs house hugh laurie literalism Party - 6898787584
By Unknown

The PunCat Cometh

cat caterpillar Cats costume ghost gifs Hall of Fame homophones name octopus puns - 6213699840
By Unknown

Micropig Working On Their Hamstrings

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By Unknown

That Deserves At Least Two Minutes in the Punalty Box

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By Unknown

Awwww, Eeyore...

double meaning gifs Hall of Fame literalism tail winnie the pooh - 6180575232
By Unknown

This Bar is Bare

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By Unknown


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By Unknown

When Life Hands You Lemons... Make Cereal?

Via EveningEarlGrey

Hold Your Damn Horses. We'll Get You to the ER Eventually. Maybe.

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By Unknown