Fairy Cake is a Close Second For Me, Though

bun dance double meaning game homophones literalism - 5703223296
Via Addicting Games


challenge competition game - 4003080704
By electrodinosaur

Yes and Yes and Yes

game homophone hungry literalism similar sounding - 4612344064
By Eightyeightdays

The Search Has Come to an End

double meaning game ginger Harry Potter literalism magic Ron Weasley search title - 4925104128
By sophisticatedperv


game off-rhyme prefix question rhyme video game - 4378153472
By A. Boyd

Sadly None of His Hits Count for More Than Two Points

angry birds basketball double meaning game homophone juxtaposition literalism replacement shoop - 5563614720
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font game literalism novel rhyming show similar sounding title - 4970858752
By Unknown

But Wouldn't This Be Easier?

book disney game hiding literalism search similar sounding waldo wall.e wheres waldo - 5120762880
By ArmadilloJr (Via twitter.com)

That's One Way to Illustrate it, I Suppose...

crack draw something drawing game literalism - 6533911808
By failbLOLg (Via The Pun King)

No, Really, it Is!

comic double meaning foot game Hall of Fame literalism quote Sherlock sherlock holmes - 6294442752
By WafflesOnDoomsday (Via Feriowind)


circle crop crop circle game makes sense rhyming video game - 4277356032
By GodsDemonHunter

It's a Dicy Affair

game literalism lolwut nazi photoshop similar sounding - 5213032192
By ray677


game paper rhyme rhyming rock scissors Spock Star Trek - 4423209984
By Unknown

The Plants Always Win, As They Should

double meaning game literalism surname - 6270381056
By eddmario

That's a Heck of a Match

game wtf match - 7432542976
By Unknown


game paper rock scissors win - 3448486400
By Unknown
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