Beethoven's Favorite Fruit

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It Wasn't Supposed to End This Way

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Headline Writers Must Get Bonuses for Puns

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Toddler invents their own swear word, and then swears at their parent for weeks. | TheOphans TIFU by learning my toddler made up their own way swearing at and has been telling f off while. M So build up this fuck up work out at home and have done since my child born like work out music and there is one particular song some reason really helps get mood squat s song l'd played some time without question until 4 months ago because has few swear words

Toddler Invents Their Own Swear Word, Swears At Parent For Weeks

Kid could be going places.
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I Think I've Been in This Van Before...

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Funny memes and tweets that are technically true | kwame @johlny_ Do men still open car doors? Boogie BoogieMan do think get inside | Khloe Kardashian Tested Positive Coronavirus S**t Is Real be fair, they did say covid could live on plastic surfaces quite while.

Funny Memes & Posts That Are Technically True

They're...not wrong.
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How Illuminating

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Very Effective

Funny meme about school, getting suspended | You've been caught skipping class, you're suspended. Schools OK, thanks. Students
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It's Not What You Think

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Funny twitter thread about the worst things that were on (music or tv) while having sex | Marisa Galvez @masiragz ld what's the worst thing that's been in the background while you've had sex? for me it's ratatouille Sarah @sarahlindish A rabbit shrieking as it was being eaten alive by an owl. Bits were falling on the tent.

Twitter Thread Proves People Will Bang To Absolutely Anything

Standards: Nowhere to be seen.
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Funny random memes, funny tweets, relatable memes, dog memes, dank memes, animal memes, sex memes, poop memes | pooping so long automatic bathroom lights turn off bravo six, going dark | Doorbell rings My dogs shitheadsteve

43 Memes To Help Your Day Suck Less

You're welcome.
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They're Lion!!

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And Spelled Correctly, Too!

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funny photoshop demands that get trolled by James Fridman | e didn't bear with Hi James, could please make bear realistic | Hi James, Could please get rid people background? Done. Eiffel tower

Masterful Photoshop Trollings From The King James Fridman

He's like a photoshop genie and not in the good way.
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A bully snowplow ends up picking a fight with the wrong mailbox | Let's see little punks smash my letterbox now aerylon Folgen This reminds this guy who used live on my dad's street. Every time snowed snow plow would take out his mailbox and only his mail box. And just be clear done intentionally. No one knows why, but driver snow plow would target his box and mow down. He'd call DOT complain, and would get an earful excuses amounted not our fault have wimpy mailbox.

Bully Snowplow Picks Fight With Wrong Mailbox

Should've been a nice snowplow.
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I Choo-Choo-Choose This Post

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