Sometimes On Top of You

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Now I'm Allergic to Puns Too

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One Tough Deer

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Math is Hot

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Gee, Thanks

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Your Plan Has Been Foiled

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He Wasn't Noble Enough

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A funny Tumblr thread about the intelligence of dwarves beards | deluxeloy Theory: So know dwarves have thing with beards if 's not just cultural standard or mere coincidence if there's reason? See, dwarves like dig lot. They build underground homes, and there's nothing more rewarding them than digging up some gems or valuable metals. But chipping away at all rock and disturbing all earth kicks up lot dust and dirt. If do every day without proper breathing protection which Ancient Dwarves

Tumblr Thread: Dwarves Beards Are Too Smart

Not fair.
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funny unfair singling out | MEN WORKING EXCEPT JOHN GUY DOES NOTHING | small smart car on top of a pile of snow in an otherwise clear parking lot

Funny Times People and Things Got Singled Out Unfairly

Sometimes the universe just has it out for something.
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This Dog is Not Amused

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Read in Mortal Kombat Announcer's Voice

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Benedict Cumberboard Can Work as Well

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Funny meme about dogs, animals, siblings, girlfriends, dating, raccoons, birds, cats, money, work, cooking.

35 Hilarious Memes To Help You Over The Hump

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A Fridge's Lament

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Keeping Your Hands Busy All Day

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And We'll Get This Little Misunderstanding Cleared Up

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By jojohoser
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