Hey that's my foot you're standing on, be careful. Now you're off of it, get a kick out of these funny foot puns.

One Foot of Snow is Better Than Two, Right?

double meaning foot literalism shape snow - 5813300480
Created by Caffinehog ( Via Wunderground )

Yo Dawg, I Heart You Like Bigfoot...

big bigfoot foot literalism Xzibit yo dawg - 6373514496
Created by frogsicle.com ( Via Frogsicle )

No, Really, it Is!

comic double meaning foot game Hall of Fame literalism quote Sherlock sherlock holmes - 6294442752
Created by WafflesOnDoomsday ( Via Feriowind )

Nice Use of Your Screenshot Program, Submitter

big caught double meaning FAIL foot literalism lolwut tape - 5288073216
Created by -Rukia_Kuchiki-


foot note tattoo - 4115351808
Created by Rachel

I'd Say They Have a Foot Fetish, But That's Just Me

feet foot portmanteau - 6556055040

Big Foot Caught on Camera

big bigfoot camera caught double meaning foot literalism - 6544834048
Via Reddit

These Boots Were Made For... Talkin'?

ahead boots foot go hat head homophones literalism promise - 4650267392
Created by shinykittyco