It Might Be Important Someday!

difference font lolwut serif sheriff similar sounding sun pun - 6299359744
By mofo

These Are Fonts You'll Never Forget!

elephant elephants font Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding suffix - 6443556608
Via John Atkinson

He's Sure to Leave an IMPACT on the Era

font Hall of Fame literalism new possessive - 4907170048
By OryuKitty

That Movie Was Fontastic!

ariel disney double meaning font literalism name The Little Mermaid - 6382218752
Via Punblr


font game literalism novel rhyming show similar sounding title - 4970858752
By Unknown


font song lyrics violence - 3448487168
By Unknown

Thanks for the Addition Here...

ariel black character disney font Hall of Fame The Little Mermaid variations on a theme - 6451052288
By xyzpdq1

You're Gonna Get Wingdinged for That Offense

font groan-inducing Hall of Fame homophone offense serif surname - 6079372032
By Raptor2213 (Via Escapist Magazine)

But I Didn't Shoot the Wingding

bob marley font Hall of Fame literalism lyric serif sheriff shot similar sounding style - 5234446080
By Laura

I Remember My Vacation There Fontly

font literalism prefix similar sounding - 5750228224
By xyzpdq1

Silent Hill

rhyming font dill - 6970146048
By knife-hider