It's On Like a Donkey Thong

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Thanksgiving is for Tryp-tophan Adventures

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This is One DJ That's Not Afraid to Go to The Roots

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Where There's a Will, There's a Way

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Reese's Clutch Award Show Accessory

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Hope You Didn't Workout the Punchline Ahead of Time!

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Created by BassholeCannotBeTakenThatIsRetarded

This Fall's Fashion is a Scream!

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Every Mathematician's Bling Dream

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Created by MonkeyGone2Hvn

They're Flying Off the Racks!

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Knitta Please

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Hauntingly Cute Ghost Puns

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Now That's How You Climb a Corporate Ladder

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She's Going to Sleep, Right Meow

fashion puns relationships - 7863431424

Know Your Sweaters

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Created by conans

Both Styles Are a little Cramping

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I See the Plaid, But Where's the Paisley?

clothing fashion literalism outfit pattern plaid similar sounding surname - 6274141952
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