Fun and Frustration with The English Language

The English language has some confusing peculiarities to it that result in English struggles, but heck, most languages have some phonetic and semantic weirdness winding through them. And English isn't the only strange language. Here's a post defending the English language and how it's not the only weird language out there.

Funny and interesting English language moments | ace-nyctophyle any noun can become verb if don't care enough yupokaysuremhm This point is invalid unless use an example sentence ace-nyctophyle CAN SENTENCE WANT THANK yupokaysuremhm BEAUTIFUL mysterytinyfox see thats why love english ailithnight like velociraptor around my house at 2 morning. ace-nyctophyle GOOD not--be--tea-but-brit My headache makes want clothesline into wall enquires-state-building why do these make some semblance sense 9
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