No Glass Slipper Necessary For Salmonella!

disney puns fish - 7879869952
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That Movie Was Fontastic!

ariel disney double meaning font literalism name The Little Mermaid - 6382218752
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So That's Why They Never Have Sex...

disney juxtaposition literalism Movie panda peter pan shoop title - 5062279936

SMP CLASSIC: JaWherever You Are

disney near literalism aladdin opposites suffix far - 6949925376
By savannamia

I'd Watch This Movie, Volume XXV

disney literalism pixar rhyme rhyming thug life - 5916782592
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Classificatory Systems Are For the Dogs!

character costume disney dogs double meaning Hall of Fame literalism planet pluto - 5886738944
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Why'd They Send Me Sharpies When I Asked For Pens?

business disney Hall of Fame lyrics meme mulan song pun - 5773858560
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It's Really Messing Up Our MuLAN Party

disney double meaning high literalism mulan name suffix too - 4666052352
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disney old joke is old song Video - 43752705

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He's in Disney Movies, Not Tragedies

character disney disco - 6838752768
By hiphoneybadger

This Probably Went Right Over My Head

disney puns funny - 7704139264
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ICWUDT, 'Wreck-It Ralph'

disney glasses literalism pixar double meaning - 6795732992
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It's Second Only to Corduroy Story

disney literalism pixar similar sounding toy story troy woody - 5563627008
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They Really Know How to Make a Splash in Agrabah

aladdin disney homophone literalism magikarp Pokémon - 6618976256
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Thanks for the Addition Here...

ariel black character disney font Hall of Fame The Little Mermaid variations on a theme - 6451052288
By xyzpdq1

Everyone Knew You Were Trouble

taylor swift disney lyrics puns - 7887236864
By Unknown
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